Im a Web Designer

Do I need to
introduce myself?

I was born and raised in Osaka. Maybe that's why I like to entertain people so much.
I originally worked as a japanese gardener in Osaka. So I was doing a little web management there.
After that, I left the company because I thought that I could not live because I had lost my job due to the deficit caused by the coronavirus.
A little while after this, I found out that there was a job as a web designer. And since I actually started this job, I can see that I am enjoying every day and taking it seriously. As a web designer, I felt a sense of fulfillment in receiving people's beliefs, philosophies, and thoughts, and shaping them.

It is the same kind of fulfillment that I get from being a gardener, when the garden is beautiful. When I was a gardener, I would get up early in the morning and come home late at night. I left there and started working part-time at a sushi restaurant along the way, where I got a girlfriend. I wanted to marry her, and I decided to start a solid job, but I was afraid of going back to the days when I was working as a gardener, when I was exhausted every day. So I started working as a web designer, which I was interested in. I think being a web designer fits my style because I can feel my skills improving and I can work when I want.

this is
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